Why Planet9?


Because we provide access to the spot price and the wholesale market, with no hidden charges or premiums of any kind, we offer access to the true price of electricity. We also pass-through all of the non-energy charges to the customer making us a 100% fully passthrough supplier.


Our risk-management portal makes trading the wholesale market easier than ever before. Because you can trade volumes as small as 0.002 MW, you can spread risk over multiple purchasing decisions even for the smallest of clients and allow them to benefit from your market expertise. Using our online portal, you can work with your clients to create a risk-management strategy that’s tailormade for their business.


Not only does our cloud-based technology provide you with bills that are always accurate and on time, it gives the detail you need to move beyond billing, and offer more value-added services. Our drill-down digital bills allow you to spot cost-saving opportunities for your clients, and see the savings!


With Planet9, there’s no getting locked in to multi-year contracts. Instead we offer an evergreen contract that goes on for as long as the customer wants it to. Adjust consumption and add or take away sites, all without tolerance bands or having to renegotiate the contract. If your client wants to leave, they simply have to give us 90 days notice.

For You

Avoid the inflated price of a fixed contract, the restrictions and hassle of a flex contract, and offer your clients something new with Planet9’s Market Access. Now you can provide access to true price of electricity via the spot price and wholesale market, as well as purchasing plans that are tailormade for even the smallest of customers.

Our risk-management portal allows you to easily trade the wholesale market with just a few clicks. Because you can trade volumes as small as 0.002MW, you can spread risk over multiple purchasing decisions and cater to even the most risk-averse of clients. You can respond to market movements and allow your clients to fully benefit from your market expertise.

Our drill-down digital bills are totally transparent and verifiable, and because we never work with estimates, they’re always accurate. Drill-down billings provides visibility on all the various charges that make up the total, so you can spot opportunities to drive down costs for your clients. Accuracy and transparency means you can spend less time checking bills, and more time offering value-added solutions.

For Your Clients

Because we offer 100% pass-through on both energy and non-energy charges, without any hidden premiums or add-on costs, we are the only supplier to offer access to the true price of electricity. The only charge we ever add to a Planet9 bill is our clearly stated service fee.

We believe the market should dictate the price you pay, not your supplier. But markets can be unpredictable. That’s why we developed a risk management portal to mitigate volatility and increase predictability, giving your clients peace of mind.

Your clients can obtain all this flexibility and control without ever being locked into their contract. We offer a rolling evergreen contract that lasts for as long as the customer wants, without ever having to renew. There’s no tolerance banding in a Planet9 contact, so customers can adjust their consumption as much as they like without having to renegotiate. Should they wish to leave, we just need 90 days notice.