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Power Prices Rise, Commodities Fall

Power contracts rise, commodities fall. GB experiences its greenest power production ever. Wind generation increased last week and surprisingly, so too did power prices. This was due to a decrease in...

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Renewables Surge, Power and Gas Diverge

Most power contracts decrease, whilst gas prices climb. Renewables hit a new high. Power contracts decreased in the energy market last week, with gas contracts moving in the opposite direction. We...

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Power Prices Trending Downwards

Power prices decrease, oil prices rise and coal is back in the news Seasonal gas prices fell by 2.6% last week, but they’re still significantly higher than they were a few...

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Wind is Now Cheaper Than Nuclear

Commodity markets soar to new highs, most power and gas contracts rise and wind is now cheaper than nuclear generation It was a familiar sight in the energy industry last week,...

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