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Sizzling Start to Summer

Higher temperatures, new power price high and the Queen’s speech Summer weather conditions are usually great news for energy prices, as solar ramps up while demand turns down. Last week got...

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Power – How Low Can It Go?

High renewables generation and falling gas prices lower the cost of power This week we saw wonderful weather for renewable generation, with wind levels nearly 9% higher than last week and...

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A Windy Election

Record Renewables Generation, Election Brings Uncertainty Fantastic news for the environment this week; during peak hours on Wednesday morning, renewable energy generated more electricity combined than fossil fuels for the first...

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Trump Impacts on GB Market

Oil Prices Retreat as Trump Withdraws US from Paris Agreement The big talking point around the world last week was Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement....

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Cold Storage a Hot Topic

Mixing hot and cold today, as we share some industry insights for cold storage providers as well as news on how the energy market reacted to last week's summer spike...

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Power Prices & Political Possibilities

This week we put the spotlight on wholesale market volatility to explain the highest within-day prices since November 2016. The past week also saw National Grid pay one gas-fired power station...

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