Innovation and Sustainable Energy


Packing a Punch        

  Tesla to power UK buildings as well as cars Electric cars and congestion-battling tunnels aside, Elon Musk and Tesla have some other important business to tend to: powering buildings. Tech developed...

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Pent-Up Energy

The increasing potential of energy storage for mainstream renewable tech   As a versatile technology, the role of energy storage in our smart energy future is fast gaining traction. It has the...

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Flying High with Wind Energy

The world’s first kite-powered wind farm just got the green light   Efficiency was always going to be one of the biggest challenges facing all types of renewables, and wind is no...

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Drive Time

Back to the Future fans, rejoice, because cars that once seemed like a futuristic dream are about to become a reality. The self-driving car era is drawing ever closer than...

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In Glass Houses

We can only assume that Elon Musk is some type of superhuman, because the man never seems to sleep! Just a few weeks ago, we wrote a post about his...

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Tunnel Vision

There’s been one recent TED Talk to get everyone, er, *talking*. It should come as no surprise that it involves the inventor of our generation, Elon Musk. In a 40-minute...

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The Silver Lining

It's a good job media coverage of last week's Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit summit in London was so patchy. The public was spared the depressing spectacle of a succession...

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A Helping Hand from Smart Storage

Just as the poor old National Grid is struggling to balance itself with all these unpredictable renewables in the mix, along comes a smart energy innovation to take the weight...

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Winners and Losers

PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) latest survey finds a growing number of UK businesses preparing to make significant smart energy investments. The numbers are impressive enough to have normally unflappable commentators talking about...

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