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Bloomberg’s Energy Highlights

  How should your company position itself for change in the energy industry? Bloomberg's invite-only conferences are a useful indicator of the energy industry's prevailing mood. Last year's meeting was an optimistic...

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  Mexico’s cap-and-trade model works with businesses to cut carbon emissions Mexico has come out on top in the innovation stakes, with a new cap and trade system for dealing with carbon...

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Last Tango in Paris

The impact of Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Agreement   Donald Trump has certainly not held back on fulfilling his campaign promises and his decision for the US to leave the...

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The Road Not Taken

Denmark just passed a smart energy milestone. Is the UK following? It's an ill wind, as they say. Recent stormy weather helped boost wind generation at sites across Europe. Denmark's offshore...

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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

For smart energy to become part of the mainstream, it is essential to look at the issue on a global scale. As the first few weeks of the Trump administration...

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Is Your Business Smart Enough?

Running a company is no mean feat, and most CEOs are maxing out every potential opportunity to cut costs. Ensuring that your company has a smart energy policy and energy-buying...

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Fully Charged

Oh, the humble battery. Gone are the days when it was simply used to charge our kitchen scales or power up the radio. 2017 is set to see energy management...

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What Trumps a Green Future?

The election is over, the results are in and the US population has spoken. On 20 January 2017, Donald Trump will be sworn in as 48th president of the United...

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Known Knowns

Trump is president. Deal with it. While world media are keen to play up their disdain for the recent US election, they have been less forthcoming on the differing cis -...

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