Energy News in UK


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Some of Theresa May's ministers may find Dieter Helm's energy report makes uncomfortable reading   The UK government has engaged Dieter Helm to conduct an independent review of energy pricing. It's a...

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Get Smart, Big Six!

The Big Six need to embrace industry disruption or face being phased out It’s been all systems go in UK energy circles this week with Centrica upping their prices by 12.5%...

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Time For A Change

The smart grid is emerging right now. Don't believe us? Take a closer look at the results from Centrica. Nobody can deny that the energy industry is changing, both globally and...

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Guiding Principles

Ofgem’s clear 'principles for energy marketing' should help keep suppliers in line UK regulator Ofgem has unveiled five new 'principles' aimed at improving the sales messages which energy suppliers send...

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High Potential

Thumbs up for UKPN's regional smart grid plan -- but a national conversation would be good   UKPN wants businesses on its home turf to sign up to a new distributed generation...

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The Brexit Bulletin

It's goodbye to the single market, but there might be some good news for UK energy.   We're only a couple of months into the Brexit negotiations, but it already seems like...

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May In December

  Theresa May's luck has failed. Where does that leave UK energy policy?   Would you prefer UK energy policy to be made by a conscientious Prime Minister, or a lucky one? It's...

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In A Cold Climate

Political stasis can be like an ice age -- good news for the warm-blooded.    The British aversion to political indecision goes deep. We're alert to the freezing shock of governmental paralysis,...

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The Right Stuff?

Hungry hearts in the energy sector   Tom Wolfe coined the phrase 'The Right Stuff' for a famous account of the preliminaries to the moon landings. It was a blanket term for...

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