Energy News in UK


In A Cold Climate

Political stasis can be like an ice age -- good news for the warm-blooded.    The British aversion to political indecision goes deep. We're alert to the freezing shock of governmental paralysis,...

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The Right Stuff?

Hungry hearts in the energy sector   Tom Wolfe coined the phrase 'The Right Stuff' for a famous account of the preliminaries to the moon landings. It was a blanket term for...

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Lights out in Rough Field

Can UK business energy suppliers find a good use for a dead gas field? What do you do with a depleted gas field? It sounds like the feed line to a...

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The name of Buckminster Fuller has faded somewhat over the decades. If you recognize it at all, it's likely to be for geodesic domes, fullerenes and buckyballs*. In his day,...

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The Way The World Turns

It is a truth universally recognized that energy markets favour incumbent businesses. More than a generation after the liberalization of the UK energy sector, its biggest players are still those...

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Stumbling Into The Dark

State ownership is long out of fashion, and the UK has had a quarter-century to learn how to get the best out of its privatized utilities. However, something seems to...

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Tumbleweed At The Chargepoint

Transport infrastructures pay no attention to posterity. You'd need a good eye and specialist contacts to identify the remnants of Britain's former extensive horse-drawn tram networks, or of the fleets...

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Controlled Fury

Theresa May claims to smell something rotten in the UK energy markets. When she recently characterized the sector as "manifestly not working" for consumers, she raised eyebrows both inside and...

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Waste Not, Want Not

Whoever said that the right answer is often right in front of you may well have been thinking about solutions to the carbon footprint problem. When considering how to tackle...

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Stacking Up

The bright days of early spring raised the UK's collective spirits. Sun-dazed Brits got a further dose of weather-related cheer with the news that, due to strong performance across the...

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