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Mini Nukes, Stale Rolls

  The UK is power-hungry, but Rolls-Royce's nuclear recipe du jour isn't particularly appetising. The global nuclear industry has woken up hungry, with small modular reactors topping its to-do list. Dozens of...

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Big Six, Big Margins

Why the problem of overcharging may be far worse than you think The world of energy is a complicated business. A single bill contains more than 20 line items worked into...

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What’s Ailing Hinkley Point?

NAO's diagnosis is sound enough, but its prescription is outdated. The National Audit Office's June update on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station labelled the project "risky and expensive". While...

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Truth To Power

Against all the evidence, energy suppliers claim their billing is hunky-dory. With Ofgem on the back foot, uSwitch is making the case against. A new study finds UK energy customers being...

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Some of Theresa May's ministers may find Dieter Helm's energy report makes uncomfortable reading   The UK government has engaged Dieter Helm to conduct an independent review of energy pricing. It's a...

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Get Smart, Big Six!

The Big Six need to embrace industry disruption or face being phased out It’s been all systems go in UK energy circles this week with Centrica upping their prices by 12.5%...

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Time For A Change

The smart grid is emerging right now. Don't believe us? Take a closer look at the results from Centrica. Nobody can deny that the energy industry is changing, both globally and...

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Guiding Principles

Ofgem’s clear 'principles for energy marketing' should help keep suppliers in line UK regulator Ofgem has unveiled five new 'principles' aimed at improving the sales messages which energy suppliers send...

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