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A little bit about us.

Planet9 is the first U.K. energy supplier to provide direct access to wholesale prices – regardless of the amount of energy you use – along with guaranteeing 100% pass-through on all the non-energy costs that pad your bill. It’s a whole new world when it comes to buying and using the energy that drives your business.

What makes our model so different?

For the first time ever on the U.K. energy market, all the power is with the customer. We’ve completely reimagined how your company can always enjoy the best-value electricity on the market, and how you can enjoy the levels of control and transparency that you demand.

Our model is based on a 100% cloud-based energy solution that allows you to purchase energy online – directly from the supplier and at wholesale prices. There are no restrictions on clip size and no hidden margins. Of equal importance, all non-energy costs are charged at fully verified 100% pass-through rates. And you can lock and hedge your prices as often as you wish – you’re in total control.

So how do we make our money? Simply by charging a single, honest and transparent fee. There are no more padded charges – and no more paying energy prices that are way over the best wholesale rates.

Why it makes sense

With Planet9, industrial and commercial users right throughout the U.K. can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they are sourcing their energy at best available rates – every time!

  • They are guaranteed energy at 100% verified wholesale market prices – with no hidden margins.
  • They can manage their energy budget daily.
  • They are not locked into their energy contracts, and can hedge their prices whenever it suits them – and as often as it suits them.
  • They avoid needless add-on costs such as a risk premium (you probably didn’t even know you’re paying it already!).
  • They enjoy certainty about their energy prices in the short-term – and can track the market in the long-term.