We are a revolutionary new company that supplies UK customers with power at the best available rates on the market. We’ve torn up the rule book on how you buy and use energy.

If you’re on a tariff with your electricity supplier, then you could be paying up to 20% more than you should be. In fact, if you’re not on 100% full pass-through pricing then you are definitely paying hidden margins.

Planet9 are tearing up the rule book on how you buy energy. We offer you a world where you can always enjoy the cheapest wholesale energy rates, where your energy bill is always 100% accurate, and any add-on costs are totally transparent and verifiable. You have 24/7 access to cloud-based energy information that lets you accurately forecast and manage your electricity costs, and that gives you the ability to hedge your prices as often as you like, for as long as you like. But that’s just the start of it. With Planet9, your interactive bill is always accurate, and allows you to drill down into every single cost element. And with our super-flexible contract model, you can enjoy all the benefits that were typically only offered to the biggest energy users in the market.

That’s the bright new world of Planet9

In our user-friendly digital portal, you can enjoy wholesale rates on a half-hourly basis, along with 100% pass-through pricing for all additional components of your bill. You’ll have unrivalled control over your business portfolio, and the peace of mind of knowing that your electricity costs simply can’t be beaten. So explore another world of energy management, and escape the tyranny of tariffs today.


As a disruptor brand in the U.K. energy market, Planet9 have torn up the rule book on how you buy and use energy. We are not just a new supplier – we represent a whole new model for delivering the best possible value, control and flexibility to industrial and commercial energy users.
Our brand is based on three key pillars, each of them contributing to our status as the U.K.’s most revolutionary energy supplier.


You currently explore multiple ways to improve your business, whether it’s manufacturing, marketing or distribution. And now we invite you to explore a completely new way of buying and using the energy that drives your company. It’s your second biggest cost, so isn’t it time you got serious about what you pay for energy?


By drawing on cutting edge technology to monitor and control your energy usage, you can totally transform how your company benefits from the lowest-cost electricity available on the U.K. market. Our technology is intuitive and easy to use, and we will train you fully in how to use it to drive your business forward in a host of revolutionary new ways.


With Planet9, you save on the double. Firstly, you avail of verified wholesale electricity rates, but you also save by availing of smarter, more efficient ways of using energy. The savings you make can be used to make your business more competitive, whether it’s cutting your unit price to increase market share, or upgrade your plant and machinery, or possibly invest in your marketing.


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